09:00-09:05 Welcomes and Introduction 

Alfredo De Rossi and Christelle Monat 


09:05- 10:05 “Nonlinear processes enhanced in photonic micro/nano-cavities”, followed by Q&A

Eiichi KURAMOCHI (NTT Corporation)


10:05- 11:05 “Photonic crystal cavities for enhanced nonlinear effects”, followed by Q&A

Dario Gerace (University of Pavia)


11:05-11:20 Coffee Break 


11:20- 12:20  “Photonic crystal parametric oscillator”,  followed by Q&A

 Alfredo De Rossi (Thales)


12:20- 13:30 Lunch break


13:30- 14:30 Title to be confirmed

Allard Mosk (University of Utrecht)


14:30-15:30 “Enhanced nonlinear interaction in nanophotonic structure”

followed by Q&A

Christelle Monat (University of Lyon)


15:45 Concluding Remarks


Times are in CET (Paris/Berlin/Rome Time)

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